Are Carbs Bad? How balanced meals can improve blood sugars!

Weight-neutral approach to diabetes care can help you learn about nutrition without focusing on weight, weight loss, restrictive eating, and obsessive exercise. This site offers the wisdom of weight-neutral, Health At Every Size, HAES professionals and our shared goal is to guide you towards optimal health by stepping out of the weight-obsessed, diet culture that surrounds health.

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There is so much information about nutrition it is confusing, especially when you trying to keep your blood sugars stable. Here are three articles to clear up any confusion about carbs, what they are and how to include them in your diet written by Megrette Fletcher, MEd., RD, CDE, has

  • I have diabetes and I’m afraid to eat carbs! Every day, people with diabetes are bombarded with messages to limit, restrict, avoid, and feel guilty for eating carbohydrates. Not surprisingly, my clients with diabetes often tell me they are afraid of eating carbs. Trying to motivate yourself with fear is not only ineffective, but it can also lead to misinformation, misunderstanding, and toxic emotions like blame, shame, and depression. So how does someone with diabetes stop being afraid of eating carbohydrates?
  • Carbohydrates – A Primer Carbohydrates have been in the news. Taking a deeper look at this macronutrient can be confusing because carbohydrates have been labeled as either “good” or “bad.” Unfortunately, this quick judgment of carbohydrates can get in the way of eating a more balanced diet. When you make a snap decision, you are likely not seeing that each choice is really two choices: the item selected and the amount. This is why the “good” or “bad” approach to evaluating a food is too simplistic and inaccurate.
  • What Is A Macronutrient? The easiest way to identify a macronutrient is to see if it contains calories. Before you roll your eyes and think OMG another list to memorize, please know that there are only four macronutrients! If you are trying to remember what these mysterious four macronutrients are, let me help jog your memory: carbohydrates, fat, protein, and alcohol. These fabulous four macronutrients provide your body with 100 percent of your energy needs. If you are feeling a dip in your energy before or after eating, consider playing with the balance of your macronutrients.

Looking For Menu Ideas About What To Eat?

  • Cook With Me TV is a live stream cooking show hosted by Dietitians. There are four shows each week and we encourage people to cook along with us – like a cooking class! End your confusion about what to eat, and discover some new recipes in the process!

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  • Confused about carbs and prediabetes? Check out this podcast about how to manage prediabetes Samara (Sam) is a registered dietitian nutritionist at G & G Nutrition Co. Her article on prediabetes 101 is a terrific introduction to understanding nutrition without the guilt. Sam said, “It has been disheartening to me that so many people receive this diagnosis and are not given any of the tools or nutrition education to help them manage this condition. If you are in this camp then I hope you find this post helpful.”

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