How to Understand Diabetes Care

Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RDN, CDCES

Whether you were told the information today or 10 years ago, understanding the ever-changing world of diabetes takes time. Our busy lives can make diabetes and learning what you need to know even more challenging. What if you could learn and organize your knowledge so it made sense?

That was the question I asked when I created the Four Factors of Diabetes. As a diabetes care and education specialist and a registered dietitian with 30 years’ experience, I understand how overwhelming and confusing prediabetes and diabetes care can be.

The larger problem is diabetes care has been oversimplified, preventing you from finding balance and crafting a sustainable plan to manage your blood sugars. I know caring for your diabetes isn’t the purpose of your life, but it is the step that helps you live a full and vibrant life!

Learning about the four factors of diabetes can help. Let’s start by understanding and defining what they are. They are the four areas - Dietary, Lifestyle, Medical, and Environmental - your healthcare team can adjust to help you manage your blood sugar.

They are represented in the image as overlapping circles, known as a Venn diagram. This short video can help you understand more about the Four Factors.

Having your learning organized helps you see the big picture and keeps you centered and balanced. You don’t need to go to extremes to improve your blood sugar. The heart of good diabetes care is a plan that is balanced and sustainable! No Weight Loss Required!